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Just file it! We’ll help.

Just file it! We’ll help is a Web-based program that gives families and individual tax filers FREE access to file for much-needed tax credits and refunds that help lift low-income families and individuals above the poverty line. Specifically, eligible tax filers can use the FREE software to access:

The technology backbone of the Just file it! We’ll help program is called I-CAN!™ E-File. You can use I-CAN!™ E-file to complete your Federal taxes if you live anywhere in the U.S. and complete your state taxes if you live in Michigan.

Taxes are easy to do with I-CAN!™ E-File and you don't need to be a computer expert. Answer a few questions and I-CAN!™ E-File will prepare your tax forms for you. What’s more, the program is written in both English and Spanish.

Let I-CAN!™ E-file do the paperwork for you and get your refund and/or credits Fast, Free, and Easy!